I HATE to cook. If I can find a way to get out of cooking I’m all over it! Would I like to learn how to cook? Absolutely. But it I can find someone that can do it for me and make it HEALTHY and delicious? Even better!!

Kitchfix is Food Company that solves this for me in so many ways

It satisfies my checklist

1. Is it delicious?? Check

2. Is it healthy??? Check

3. Do I know how much protein I’m getting? Because..ya know… .muscles!:) Check!

4. Does it save me TIME? Check

So it looks like I got the perfect fit!

Below is one of my favorite dishes from Kitchfix

Just heat and serve. Ready in just a few minutes!

Thai coconut red curry soup

Per serving

260 calories

29 grams of carbs

17 grams of protein

Wanna know more about Kitchfix? Check out the link below!


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