You’ll LOVE your reflection in the mirror.
Get lean and strong. No lifting or gym experience necessary. I’m with you every step of the way.
Forget diets! You text me a photo of your meals, and I’ll tell you exactly what to eat. No counting calories or macros. And yes, you can still have ice cream and alcohol!

“How did your clients get SO STRONG and FIT?”

I get this question a lot.

Thought I would share some tips.

Different people have different ways of viewing health and fitness success. I am using these variables when taking about success…

(Healthy body fat…strength…mobility… generally happy)

Here is the LIST.

1. They are extremely clear about what they want to achieve.

My most successful clients know exactly what they want to accomplish and want me to tell them what its gonna take to do it. There is no waffling or sitting on the fence. It’s shit or get off the pot.

2. They are willing to do the GRUDGE work.

They aren’t easily distracted by the “hot” new workout and don’t need to be constantly amused. They approach health and fitness like an adult. Sometimes it’s gonna suck. Sometimes you have to just do it or it will never get done.

Health and Fitness is a journey that never ends. My most successful clients weather the boredom and know that in the end…they’ll have something no one else has. MASTERY over the body…and MASTERY over their emotions. Those people who constantly need to be amused and distracted? They never end up getting what they want. They never maintain what they earn. They are always in limbo…chasing after the next “BIG’ thing. This is where I see frustration set in..and disillusionment.

3. They go for the BIG WINS.

None of my successful clients debate MINUTIAE. Organic veggies or regular veggies? What brand of protein? Organic pasta or regular pasta? Reebok or Nike? Sanford or his Son?


Any veggies….you’re eating veggies for Christ sakes. that’s hard enough. …start there.

pasta in moderation. doesn’t matter if its organic or not. It needs to be monitored. They know this. They don’t say…well it’s “organic” pasta. Who are you kidding?

ORGANIC….Farm Raised….Locally Sourced Amish Hand Washed by a man wearing a man bun Fried Chicken is still FRIED CHICKEN.


Show me someone that has no time, and I’ll show you someone that doesn’t have their priorities in order. Having kids can be extremely challenging…Working 80 hour work weeks with millions of dollars on the line is extremely challenging. Raising Kids….AND working 80 hour work weeks is really really difficult. But a handful of my clients find a way.

A conversation I had with my client:

Me: Okay. What can you do in the hotel room?

Client: I will be working about 15-16 hours realistically and I’ll be really tired when I get to the hotel room. I will put aside 10 minutes before bed. LET ME ADD THIS TO MY PHONE. HOLD ON. What else can I do besides exercise? Is there any way I can make progress without exercising?

Me: GOD BLESS YOU! You’re a winner. Yes. Yes you can.

5. They can always do “ONE MORE” of ANYTHING.

It sounds macho at first, but this is what my client says to herself when she is about to push her limits. It’s this kind of self-talk that separates people who can duke it out and people who walk away defeated. It’s the mind set. “I can do one more of ANYTHING” is empowerment. It’s Alpha as all hell. It’s the self talk that gets you through whatever life throws in your way.

6. They DON’T rely on WILLPOWER.

They understand that it’s just a matter of time before they fail so they plan on FAILING. They change the environment to suit their needs. They hang out with people that empower them to reach their goals. They don’t put themselves in situations where they know they will fall apart. They will usually plan according to what they know is gonna happen.

“I’m going to go this birthday party so I’m going to make sure I eat dinner before I arrive. That way I won’t be tempted to put the cake inside my mouth”

7. They eat something CRAPPY everyday.

All my clients are encouraged to eat something they LOVE everyday. -I can talk more about this later.


They understand that life is short and time is not their friend…so they start IMMEDIATELY. They are confrontational with the truth. They know in order to make progress, it can’t just all be about how they FEEL. They look at data and the numbers without obsessing over the numbers.

9. They get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Inflexible? They want to work on mobility. Got Mobility? They want to learn how they can get stronger.

10. They don’t do it ALONE.

My most successful clients will constantly bombard me with GOOD questions on ways I can make their lives easier. They try to stack the odds in their favor as much as possible

11. They are in LOVE with the process.

My clients will send articles and text messages with things they find that might help them along their journey. They find things that adds to their workout game. Maybe it’s a great tasting Greek yogurt they found or a t-shirt that gets them excited about working out. Again…love the process. They latch on to things to renew their love of the game.

12. Persistence. Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.

That pull up that they haven’t mastered yet? No problem. They’ll look at what they’re doing..make changes if they need to…. and try again.