From what I’ve seen from the last 4-5 years of being a personal trainer in Chicago

Women are pound per pound just as strong as men. Just as strong.

In every sense of the word..


Totally convinced.

Just as strong. Just as tough. Just as ferocious.

And since they’re EQUAL to men they need to be held to just as HIGH of a standard.

Women can be just as lazy as men…

They can act just as cowardly. Just like men. Yup. Women can be cowards too. No surprises here. I’ve met plenty.

And like men…they can be just as strong. Just as powerful.

So when someone asks me if I handle them any differently…

I say NO

Women aren’t fragile. The best won’t break.

I’m not gonna treat someone like they have a problem…or they can’t deal with it. I’m gonna treat them like they’re competent. That they can succeed. That they can win.

Treat someone like they’re weak or incapable and they’re gonna act that way. They’re gonna reflect what you give them.

A child falls down.. (as long as they aren’t hurt) I’m gonna tell them to get back up and push on. I’m not gonna coddle them like they’re gonna break down in tears.

Men and women will be treated in the same manner. No different. Like an adult.

Embrace the Suck. Stand Up and be Counted.

Woman Up. Man Up.